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Brazil has the biggest Japanese Community outside Japan. The migrants’ saga started 100 years ago when the first ship, called Kasato Maru, left Kobe in Japan, to Brazil in search of better living conditions.
Many of them became labourers on coffee farms. At the time, Brazil was experiencing a shortage of farm workers and turned to impoverished European immigrants and later to an influx of Japanese workers to quash this demand. Many communities have been built.
Inspired in Rousseau, Marx and in the Bible one particular Japanese community was created in Sao Paulo, in a place located 600 km away from the capital. The Yuba Community is a farm founded in 1935 by a migrant called Isamu Yuba, who left Kobe, Japan, in the 1920s. The farm is sustained by three principles: to live off the land, maintain a daily reverence, and engage in artistic practice (music, dance and theatre).